Stainless Steel Catering Equipment in coffee shop and restaurant

Stainless Steel Catering Equipment in coffee shop and restaurant

An increasing number of cafes, hotels and restaurants have now installed steel catering equipment in their establishments. One of the main attractions of stainless steel catering equipment and stainless dishes is that they are more hygienic than other metals because of its smooth, non-porous surface.

When it is properly looked after, stainless kitchen equipment can last you for years. It will not impair the flavor of your food because it does not react against acidic foods. Many commercial and domestic coffee machines are made from quality steel as it is more stain resistant than other materials.

Steel is usually scratch and dent resistant and is designed for a long life. The satin finish of stainless steel means that it keeps its good looks even when used every day. Steel catering equipment is easy to clean with just soap and water and small parts can be washed in the dish washer. You can even get your catering dishes in stainless and they are ideal for using underneath fresh food in display cabinets.
Steel catering dishes and other catering equipment is usually lightweight and easy to move around if you need to do some deep cleaning. For a long time people have complained that stainless steel does not work well as a heat conductor and so manufacturers have added copper bottoms to many of their stainless steel pans and dishes to alleviate the problem.
If you want good steel catering equipment that will last you for years then it is not advisable to buy cheaper models. Cheap steel pans do not last as well and the inside of the pan can easily become burned. Good cookware and catering equipment that is made from stainless usually contains some chromium and it is this which stops the material from corroding. The best stainless pans have copper or aluminum in the base, which makes them more durable as well as better heat conductors.
Large stainless steel catering equipment should contain more carbon than ordinary saucepans and dishes. The more carbon stainless steel contains the harder and more resistant to wear it becomes. You should not clean your catering dishes and equipment with abrasive scourers and cleaners as this can mar the finish of them. You can soak burned pans in hot soapy water and leave for a few hours and in most cases the pans will just need washing and rinsing.
Stainless steel catering equipment and catering dishes are not the same as domestic steel cooking implements. steel that is used in the food industry needs to be of a particular type which is easier to keep clean and more resistant to corrosion than some types of stainless steel.


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