Stainless Steel LCD images

Stainless Steel LCD images

A stainless steel LCD enclosure thanks to its corrosion halting properties can be employed in sites that was extremely hard before, such as in a quay and open to salt water, this is why the electronic signage site is so significant.

When beginning a business, we are told place is important, now as you can appreciate an eating place owner who has the prospect to open near a wharf location will entice people who will be using the marina to moor there yachts. This type of purchaser will necessitate a little more attention and looking after as these clients as they are good tippers.

This is why most of the eating places near a quay are substantial quality with superior dining with a delightful dining experience, one such establishment was advertising their big wine list using Apple iPads, here you could decide on the wine and match the best meal on the menu to the wine for the epitome of in fine dining, not surprisingly then the bottles of wine varied from $140 to over $1,000 per bottle.

Now this is why a lot of seaside and quayside dinning establishments are investing in digital signage to display their menu to possible passing clientele, to tempt them in to their eatery. These eatery owners are using digital menu boards in the shape of flat screen displays, connected to a media player, now this technology need defending from the salt in the air otherwise the gadgets will fail very quickly, so the greatest choice is to put the hardware into 316 stainless steel LCD enclosures.

This kind of chromium rich steel is one of the highest grades of steel that defends from salt corrosion and is also used in food production, due to the wash down solutions used in manufacturing units.

Stainless LCD enclosures have to be of a crack and crevice free design, preventing any germs or salt build up, leading to a rust spot. Now think about the finish of the steel. This can be a dull mill finish or a manually polished or brushed finish, the last two are what we are more familiar with and this has a grain effect on the steel and provides a more aesthetically pleasing end product.

Why Chromium Rich steel?

From the earliest days of the 1920's companies have realised the importance of stainless, due to the high 10 to 11% Chromium content in the metal, this steel will not stain, rust or corrode as easily as regular carbon steel.

Carbon steel starts to corrode when exposed to moisture in the air, with chromium being present in this steel in a very high percentage this forms Chromium oxide on the surface of the steel instead of iron oxide (commonly called rust) that is created on the surface of carbon steel and limits the corroding process starting.

Not only is this metal accustomed to make cutlery, it is also deployed in architecture such as the Chrysler building in New York, nevertheless 316 stainless steel is used when defense from highly corrosive salt that is present in their air in marine applications, this is why various marine vessels have parts manufactured from the grade 316 chromium steel. This is one of the highest quality of this type of steel sorts offered.

Even now care is to be taken when purchasing anything out of this steel as the material that is made in certain countries will not have the same rust repelling qualities, so is it is a must to get a test certificate with the product, this will detail the batch number, what grade of stainless steel makes up its properties and if it is 316 stainless steel it will include the percentage of Chromium in it, as this is one of the most high-priced stainless steels so you wouldn't want to get a product that is made from a lower quality steel that does not have the high percentage of Chromium content, any enterprise offering 316 stainless steel LCD enclosures will have no problem in offering certification for the goods when requested (often supplied with the finished product.)

A 316 stainless steel LCD enclosure presents all the protection secured for hostile areas such as beaches or by a pool near a beach. These units let individuals as well as firms to install either an outdoor TV or outdoor digital signage in and on a beach environment without any risk to the hardware that is stored within the cabinet.

The housings will accommodate a large flat screen flat screen TV, with a media player or small form factor PC, with cables entering the casing through waterproof grommets supplying a sealed stainless steel LCD enclosure.

Due to the beach location, the temperatures in the case will be subjected to rusting will be high, so these high-end LCD enclosures are generally rolled out in well healed resorts, so a good-looking solution is crucial. Due to the extreme temperatures and high humidity the stainless steel LCD enclosure has the choice of being installed with an air conditioning unit that gives the best internal temperature for the enclosed devices, preventing them from burning out and failing.

Dave is the owner of one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor LCD enclosures, in their range are a set of stainless LCD enclosures that are used for factory data collection as well as outdoor digital signage protection, when salt and water are present.

Dave is the owner of one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor LCD enclosures, in their range are a set of stainless LCD enclosures that are used for factory data collection as well as outdoor digital signage protection, when salt and water are present.


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