Stainless Steel Range Kitchen Utensils

Stainless Steel Range Kitchen Utensils

The obvious answer to that question is "YES" it is, but then how sure are you about this? Do you know that stainless steel contains Nickel, which is extremely poisonous in nature! Well, to be honest, the purpose of my rambling here is not to scare you but to make you more aware of something that is so much a part of our life.

Coming to the point, the every Stainless steel range of kitchen utensils are actually very safe to use and are really harmless, however, we should keep few things in mind while using Stainless steel Utensils. But before we actually jump into that, let us take a brief look on why one prefers to use stainless steel range of kitchen utensils over others:

1. Stainless steel is absolutely inert in nature and remains truly unaltered by the alkalinity or acidity of the food that is being cooked. Thus, steel does not contribute to or affect the taste of food in any way.

2. The metal is truly corrosion resistant and is the hard surface is scratch resistance. This scratch resistance imparts steel a property called "Hygiene" due to which it also finds application for medical purposes.

3. A very low maintenance required and a long life span

However, Steel is not the best known conductors of heat and it tends to develop hot spots. Due to which, a steel pot with heavier base made of copper or aluminum makes a right combo. These metals are help diffuse heat and thus ensure better cooking.

The health issues come from the constituents of stainless steel. Let us have a look at them one at a time:

1. Chromium: Pure Iron in itself is not stable. Chromium forms a tough passive coat of chromium oxide. Every time we cook food in Stainless steel utensil, there is a certain amount of chromium i.e. approximately 40 to 50 micrograms passes into the food. However, the safe intake range is close to 200 micrograms and thus it is truly harmless.

2. Iron: Well, Iron is required for our blood cells, but definitely too much of it can turn out to be poisonous. However, the iron contributed by stainless steel range kitchen utensil is nearly one fifth of an ideal intake amount.

3. Nickel: A highly poisonous metal. But once again, a too less amount of it is passed through food. But a word of caution for all those who are allergic to Nickel. I would suggest that they had better avoid stainless steel range of kitchen utensils.
4. Aluminum: In case the utensil uses Aluminum base as a means for conducting heat better, then care must be taken that Aluminum does not directly come in contact of food, i.e. it should entirely be stainless steel surface inside. Though Aluminum is not all that harmful, but a daily accumulation of it can create health issues. So better be aware.
5. Handling of Utensils also has a role to play. In case you end up developing several scratches in your steel utensils, then you are just providing a perfect breeding ground for germs. These germs cannot be removed by cleaning with brushes and towels. So you should be slightly careful with the quality of scrub while washing steel utensils.


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