What are some good electronica/indie /powerpop/techno kind of bands?

What are some good electronica/indie /powerpop/techno kind of bands?

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Answer by Codie
depends on what kind of electronica but i will name my personal faves :)

in dubstep we have caspa & rusko.. my fave song being "cockney thug" by rusko.

drum n bass we have pendulum, the prodigy so any of their stuff is good.

if you like hard techno try gabber. "Dance with the wolves" or "stainless steel" by angerfist are awesome. Yeah anything by Angerfist, Evil Activities or Meccano Twins is great.

If you want hardstyle try DJ Zany "nothing else matters" or Donkey Rollers "Hardstyle Rockers" there are many many more hardstyle artists out there like DJ Pavo, Blutonium Boy, Amber Savage, Nik Fish, Dyewitness, The Prophet, DJ Duro so look them up.

In house there is countless same as electro, I'll just list a few DJ's and Bands.... Brooklyn Bounce, Nick Skitz, Daft Punk, The Ashton Shuffle, Chemical Brothers, Armand Van Helden, The Potbelleez, Sneaky Sound System, The Presets.

And if you want some really different industrial/drill and bass type stuff try Aphex Twin, aka AFX. "4" is my fave song.

Hope I helped :)

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