Stainless Steel Hinges – what types are there?

Stainless Steel Hinges – what types are there?

So many types!!!

From Stainless Steel Butt Hinges or Stainless Door Hinges, Tee Hinges and Strap Hinges for gates to Marine Hinges/Cabin Hinges with a high polished finish. As well as Flush Fit Hinges which close within themselves, there are so many types for your application to choose from.

One of the most common types of Stainless Hinge used is Stainless Steel Piano Hinge also known as Stainless Steel Continuous Hinge. It is available in 6 foot lengths and so really useful for all sorts of tool-box, door, utility and casing design applications. It comes in pre-drilled lengths (because we all know how much fun Stainless Steel is to drill!) and un-drilled lengths - with the un-drilled lengths available in sizes right up to a heavy duty 4" x 10g x 6ft which is 100mm open width and 3mm thick. Now that's a serious hinge!

For any application it is really important you get the right grade and surface finish to ensure you have the right corrosion resistance (see the Dos and Don'ts Guide of Stainless Steel). For anything coastal or marine the higher the polish of the finish the better it will resist corrosion - hence all Marine Hinges are highly polished. And if using Piano Hinge or Butt Hinges in coastal construction then there are 316 Stainless Steel grade options available.


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