Stainless Steel Nutserts

Stainless Steel Nutserts

A….Riv-Nut! Riv NutRivet NutNutserts…Threaded Inserts - call them what you will, if you want to get a female threaded nut into sheetmetal they work really well.

Insert the Stainless Threaded Insert (Nutsert) into a hole drilled in the sheetmetal (E.g. Stainless Steel Handrail Tube), then using a Threaded Insert Tool, pull the Nutsert up (like a rivet) to grip onto the sheetmetal and voila – a nut is locked in place and you didn’t even need to get the welding gear on!

Stainless Threaded Inserts (Nutserts) are commonly used in places where it is hard to get behind the sheetmetal, such as installing Glass Clamps onto stainless steel stanchions (you know, screwing into the stainless tube uprights). Say you want a glass railing for your deck. You install Stainless Steel Tube uprights for the Stainless Glass Clamps to fix onto. You need to screw into the tube uprights to secure the clamps. Well a self-tapping screw just isn’t going to cut the mustard here – not when your big Uncle Joe is leaning against the Glass Handrail on the 2nd floor (…on second thoughts). No you need a machine screw thread so those clamps are bolted on solid-as-a-rock! So you might pull-up some Stainless Steel Nutserts into the stainless upright tubing so you can bolt those clamps on. Nice and solid.

Nutserts are often Stainless Steel or Aluminium (depending on their purpose). They come in Rimless (a small countersunk edge) for a flush finish or flanged. Aluminium and Stainless Steel Riv-nuts (Rivet Nuts) Dimensions are noted by their grip range – basically work out what the thickness of you want to grip (so if it is to clamp through 2 sheets of 3mm stainless then the grip range it needs to suit is 6mm) and their thread size – the size of the internal thread you are bolting into (E.g M4-M12). For low load applications Aluminium Nutserts are nice and easy to install, but for higher load applications Stainless Steel is ideal with Stainless Steel Nutsert Strength Data also available.

Another option you might go for into sheetmetal is a Stainless Steel Hank Bush or Dunk Nut – maybe not for holding up Uncle Joe, but not bad if you are doing some general metal fabrication. These are hammered in place and have an internal female thread. OR if you are wanting to screw into Timber and create an internal machine thread, you will want to look at Stainless Tee Nuts or Stainless Wood Inserts.


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