What Stainless Steel Screws are best for decking?

What Stainless Steel Screws are best for decking?

Answer: Anzor Deck Drivers

With a nice timber deck, having a good looking, high quality finish is extremely important. You aren’t going to want anything rusting and you want screws not nails so as the boards don’t lift over time. You will want the heads of the screws to be small and neat and when installing the decking, you want the job to be quick and easy.

Ideally you want a screw that is:
  • Made of 316 Stainless Steel (most suitable grade for construction anywhere near the coast). 304 grade will more likely tea-stain and Galvanised Steel or Zinc screws will rust 
  • Low profile heads are ideal, so as to ensure a neat and tidy finish. 
  • Six Lobe (Torx) Drive is also a good move. This means the drives on all screws look lined up on the decking. This can be a problem with square drive screws. 
  • A Tek Screw style self-drilling tip, designed to ensure a tidy surface finish under the screw head. You also do not want to be drilling pilot holes for thousands of screws. 

An ideal Screw for securing decking planks is the Anzor Deck Driver - See more on the Stainless Steel Decking Screw Flyer

Square Drive’ as a screw drive offers an extremely positive connection between the driver tip and screw head. This provides maximum driving torque and reduces the driver slipping and ‘camming-out’, which is more likely to happen on a Phillips drive screw.

Square Drive Stainless Steel Decking Screws are excellent screws for speed and installation productivity.