Stainless steel vs plastic for unhealed belly buttons?

Stainless steel vs plastic for unhealed belly buttons?

I got my belly button pierced with a CBR hoop, and the ball keeps falling out. I do not want to go back to the place I got it pierced, becauuuse it's sketchy haha. I went and bought two rings.. one is plastic.. one is stainless steel. Which one is better and does stainless steel turn your belly button green?

Answer by Jess Marie

Stainless steel doesn't turn anything green, Cubic Zirconium does. And the plastic ring is Acrylic. I had mine pierced with a stainless steel "banana" ring. and after two months I changed it to an acrylic "banana" ring. It just depends on what your body will heal better with. Leave the ring you have in now in because if you take it out, you'll risk infection. If the ball is falling out, you need to tighten the ring. Get needle nose pliers to close it tighter. Clean it with Bactine also. You can get that at any drugstore.

Another Answer

Don't put the plastic one in your belly if its not healed. Iv done it and it causes problems because the plastic has microscopic holes in it that traps bacteria. Get a 316 stainless steel grade surgical stainless steel ring. they sell them at spencers, but they arent good quality. Try to go to a different tattoo/piercing shop to get a good quality ring if you dont want to go back to the original shop


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