Sub-Zero Stainless Steel Water Bottle Product

Sub-Zero Stainless Steel Water Bottle Product

A lot of studies have been coming out lately showing that plastic water bottles can leach harmful chemicals into your water when they are heated or washed. This has led to a surge of interest in glass and stainless steel bottles. While the former are cheap and very safe, they also don't do well for traveling. Stainless steel bottles are a great all-around water bottle solution, but they also tend to be pretty expensive.

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Sub-Zero Stainless Steel Bottle 750 ml

Walgreens now offers a stainless steel water bottle at four dollars (or three for ten dollars), under the brand name of Sub-Zero. This bottle is virtually identical to most that retail for twenty dollars or more. It is made entirely of stainless steel and even comes with a carabiner clip for hooking to a backpack or a belt.

The bottles hold a little bit less than one liter of water. This is an adequate amount for one person for the better part of the day, but you'll need multiple bottles to supply a family with water.

The bottles come in a range of colors - blue, red, black, grey and metallic green. The only marking on them is the Sub-Zero logo. This logo is made of some sort of water-soluble substance, and gradually comes off as it is washed or exposed to water. This is my only real complaint with the bottles so far, as this substance makes a mess on your hands, and while small amounts of it easily smear off at a touch it takes some serious elbow grease to actually scrub the logo completely off.

Subzero 750 ML Stainless Steel
Subzero 750 ML Stainless Steel

The manufacturer claims that the bottles are toxin-free and do not leach harmful chemicals into liquids. They also claim a life expectancy of over one hundred years due to impact and rust resistance. If you do decide to dispose of the bottle for some reason, it is also one hundred percent recyclable.

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I have owned two of these bottles for about six months now, and thus far I am quite happy with them. The only issue was the messy logo paint, but once that was scrubbed off (using a scouring pad and some dish soap for about ten minutes), the bottles are perfect as a simple water bottle solution for the price.

Refrigerated water in the bottles tastes pure and leaves no aftertaste. The threaded caps are tough and are showing no significant wear after months of regular use. The included carabiner is also a nice touch if you go out hiking with the bottle. And there are certainly no fears about dropping, bashing, banging or otherwise breaking and destroying the bottle. This is quite a nice budget alternative to expensive stainless steel water bottles.


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