Grenen Men's Stainless Steel Mesh Wristwatch Review

Grenen Men's Stainless Steel Mesh Wristwatch Review

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Have you noticed that men's wrist watches are getting thicker and thicker? To rebel against the clunky watch trend, you should check out brands like Skagen--the Danish watchmaker. Scandinavian designs feature common articles done in an uncommonly sparse and clean way. Naturally, Skagen makes thin, streamlined, and superbly comfortable watches. When I came across Skagen's Grenen brand at a Kohls department store in Tallahassee, Florida, I was excited. Grenen brings simple, sleek, Scandinavian watch design from Skagen to the poor huddled masses at affordable department store prices.

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I chose the Grenen Stainless Steel Mesh Watch (model M - 24XLBBB) which retails at full price for around $85. However, I found mine on sale for far less. My Grenen watch features a slim Japanese quartz movement, an all stainless steel case, and a fine stainless steel mesh band. It's all done with a deep black finish that evokes ninjas, tuxedos, and the night. For another affordable thin dress watch, consider the Hamlin Ultra Thin Stainless Steel Dress Watch.

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The Grenen Stainless Steel Mesh Watch has a minimalist design centered around a traditional round case measuring one and a half inches in diameter. In contrast to clunky watches from makers like Invicta, the Grenen case is a wafer thin quarter inch thick. The watch features a raised track with silver-tone Arabic numerals for 1 through 12. Inside the track of the numbers, the face is slightly recessed. A small portal reveals the date at just above the six o'clock position. Just below 12 o'clock, there is a small white logo, the Grenen name and Denmark. Just above the date portal, tiny white letters remind the wearer that this thin watch is made of steel. The watch hands have thin inserts of luminous material. The layout is sparse, functional, and effective.

This Grenen watch has a thin, fine, steel mesh band that almost imperceptibly tapers from 7/8 of an inch wide at the case pins down to about half an inch at the clasp. Fine mesh bands are very comfortable because they don't catch and pull arm hairs. The fold-over clasp with safety has smooth surfaces and doesn't cut into your flesh if you rest the weight of your wrist on the clasp while typing, computing, or doing other general office tasks. The fold-over clasp ensures that the watch stays securely fastened to your wrist.

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I found only a three minor drawbacks with my Grenen. First, the crystal tends to show fingerprints and I find myself wiping it off regularly. Second, the mesh band seems a little delicate when compared to traditional watch bands. Third, the date portal is very small and can be a little difficult to read. Since I rotate several watches during the week and keep the watch cased when it's not in use, I doubt that I'll ever wear out this Grenen watch.

Since the thin case fits neatly under any dress shirt cuff and the Grenen is comfortable to wear while using a keyboard, I'd say that this watch is nearly perfect for the office. If a man needs a watch for a formal occasion such as his prom or wedding day, this Grenen is clearly an affordable wristwatch option that looks rich and sophisticated. Its sleek Scandinavian design and black finish give the watch a polished look that would work well with a tuxedo or suit. In a world where less is often less, this Grenen wristwatch clearly offers more.



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