Gourmet Trends Shappu2000 Stainless Steel Knife Set

Gourmet Trends Shappu2000 Stainless Steel Knife Set

One thing my wife and I asked for this past Christmas was silverware. We had a set that we liked. But, there wasn’t enough in it and we were constantly running out if we didn’t do dishes daily.
We got the silverware. And, with it, we got a Shappu2000 Stainless Steel Knife Set from the brand Gourmet Trends.

We didn’t really need a knife set. We already have one and, even though some of the knives are getting a bit worn, it works pretty well. We later learned that my parents bought these sets for just about everyone because they found them on sale for just 99 cents.

As you can guess, there was a reason for that price.

Like I said before, we already have a knife set. But, we decided to give these knives a try; both because we figured they would be sharper than our current knife set and because we wanted to test the “never needs sharpening claim.”

We wanted to keep things simple so we used them when we were cutting up potatoes; something that would give some resistance but wasn’t exactly a tin can either. I can’t begin to tell you just how unimpressed we were.

First of all, these knives weren’t very sharp. Like I said before, we have had our other knife set for some time now (probably about 5 years). I think the knives in that set, though worn a bit, were sharper than these knives were. I think the never needs sharpening claim is because the knives are always dull.

They were also some of the most flimsy knives we have ever seen. My wife cut into one of the potatoes and the blade started to bend. Again, these are potatoes. With the right amount of force, you could slice them in half with a butter knife. Yet, these knives were nearly breaking as we were trying to cut up the potatoes with them.

After trying the knives, I can definitely understand why the store was selling them for so cheap. And, I am glad my parents only paid about a dollar for the set or I think they would have wasted their money.

If you have an opportunity to buy the Gourmet Trends Shappu2000 Stainless Steel Knife Set, I would recommend not doing so; regardless of what the store is selling them for. You are better off spending more money on a different brand.


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